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About Us

Delivery Program- How it works.

Delivering Fresh Organic Vegetables
from Our Farm to Your Door

We are a specialized home delivery program offering the convenience of bringing certified organic fruits, vegetables and some groceries items right  to your doorstep or workplace. All our produce is certified through the North Okanagan Organic Producers Association (NOOA) ,the Certified Organic Association of British Columbia (COABC) and the Canadian Organic Regime. In order to ensure a good variety of fruit and vegetables for the boxes, we sometimes purchase from other local certified organic farmers or through a distributor (Discovery Organics) in the lower mainland. During the summer months though, the majority of the produce comes from our farm.

We deliver our boxes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of our customers. After we receive your registration you will be notified as to when you delivery will start. We make every attempt to deliver our boxes early in the morning to allow our customers to put their produce away before leaving for work. We are currently offering six sizes of boxes. We will customize your orders as much as possible to suit your dietary requirements. Substitutions may be made from the other boxes or the extra items listed on the sidebar of the home page on website. The contents of the boxes are updated every Monday usually by mid-afternoon, if there is a problem with your substitution you will be notified by email. All substitutions are made on a value for value basis not item for item and are more limited during the winter season when we are importing the majority of the produce. Upon occasion there may be last minute changes to the box contents due to poor quality or insufficient supply, however we will make every effort to replace the item with a fruit or vegetable of your choice.

All substitutions and cancellations must be made 24 hours before the date of your delivery and any reports of poor quality or error in your delivery must be made within 24 hours of receiving your deliver to be credited to your account.

Once delivery has been made customers are responsible for providing protection of their produce from predators, heat and or cold. Coolers work well for this.

We Please see home delivery tab for more info, and please read Terms and Conditions before registering for your delivery.